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Energy and Bio-thermal Systems

The Energy and Bio-Thermal Systems (EBTS) Group is one of 6 groups in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Group has 10 faculty members and a complement of research fellows, engineers and experienced laboratory officers. The Group has 32 graduate students. Annually, the Group offers some 60 final year projects.

EBTS relates to the application of heat transfer principles and applied thermodynamics to solving problems on efficient and rational use of energy as well as investigation of thermal influence on certain surgical procedures in the medical field. The group’s interests cover industrial thermal processes, heat recovery systems, energy performance of large buildings and associated plants, thermal behaviour of building envelopes and components, active drying systems, solar energy application, ventilation, heat transfer in IC chips and packages, cryosurgery, and special areas in micro combustion and heat transfer.

The group seeks alternatives to energy efficiency improvement and diversification. It is actively involved in building up local expertise in the application of energy technology in the building, industrial and transportation sectors. Pre-competitive research and the development of core competencies in clean energy and thermal processes help strengthen our industry’s technological capability. This advantage enhances Singapore’s competitiveness as a global centre for trade, communications and advanced manufacturing. EBTS Group Laboratories

The EBTS Group has four laboratories, namely, the Air Conditioning Laboratory, Energy Conversion Laboratory, Thermal Process Laboratory 1, and Thermal Process Laboratory 2. These laboratories cater mainly to undergraduate level teaching experiments, and final year and graduate level research projects. The undergraduate level teaching experiments serve to reinforce fundamental concepts and provide basic training on performance evaluation of thermal systems, convection heat transfers, and measurements of thermodynamic properties. group also works closely with other research institutes in Singapore and other international universities.

Final Year and Graduate Level Research Projects

Final year and graduate level research projects are offered mainly in the following areas: Absorption Chillers, Adsorption Chillers, Micro-channel Cooling, Absorber Analysis, Energy Storage, Desalination, Heat-pump Drying, Co-generation Systems, Micro Thermophotovoltaic Power Generator and Micro-Thrusters.


Photographs of some of the final year and graduate level research projects

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Academic Staff
CHUA Kian Jon, Ernest
Associate Professor

KOH Yee Kan
Assistant Professor

Associate Professor

Md Raisul Islam
Senior Lecturer

Associate Professor

PARK, Sung-Yong
Assistant Professor
+65) 6601 3405

SNG Wei Meng, Daniel
YANG Wenming
Associate Professor

ZHANG Huangwei
Assistant Professor