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1 Automotive Engineering Specialisation will NO LONGER be offered from Cohort AY2016/2017 onwards.

Requirements for Specialisations:

For Matriculation Batch August 2015 and Direct Entry (Poly) Batch August 2016

  • Modules from prescribed list in Table ME3 as required,
  • Do their Final Year Project (12MCs) in an area related to the specialisation.



TABLE ME3: Modules for ME Specialisations


(Matriculated AY16/17 onwards)

Students taking the Aeronautical specialisation must complete ME2135 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics, select TWO modules from Group A, TWO modules from GROUP B and present their FYP in a poster session.

Compulsory Module
ME2135 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics (January)
ME4231 Aerodynamics (January)
ME4241 Aircraft Performance and Stability (January)
1ME5309 Aircraft Engines and Rocket Propulsion (January)
ME4212 Aircraft Structures (January)
ME4233 Computational Methods in Fluids Mechanics (August)
ME4291 Finite Element Analysis (August)
1ME5304 Experimental Fluid Mechanics (August)

Only Stage 4 students with CAP = or > 3.5 are allowed to read level 5000 modules.

Automotive Engineering Specialisation will NO LONGER be offered from Cohort AY2016/2017 onwards.

Students who are admitted into the Automotive specialization after August 2015 must take ME4105 Specialization Study Module (August semester) and do a Final Year Project in an area related to Automotive Engineering.

In addition, students must select at least THREE modules from the list below:-

ME3251 Materials for Engineers (January)
ME4213 Vibration Theory and Application (January)
ME4227 Internal Combustion Engine (January)
ME4255 Materials Failure (January)
ME4262 Automation in Manufacturing (January)
ME3261 CAD & Manufacturing (August)
ME3263 Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (August)


Students taking the Energy and Sustainability specialisation must take at least FOUR modules from the list below and present their FYP in a poster session.

ME3221 Sustainable Energy Conversion (January)
ME4223 Thermal Environmental Engineering (August)
ME4225 Applied Heat Transfer (January)
ME4226 Energy and Thermal Systems (August)
ME4227 Internal Combustion Engines (January)
2ME5205 Energy Engineering (January or August)
2ME5207 Solar Energy Systems (August)
2ME5516 Emerging Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies (January)
1ESP4401 Optimization of Energy Systems (January)
2ESP5402 Transport Phenomena in Energy Systems (January)
2ESP5403 Nanomaterials for Energy Systems (offered in August 2019)

1 Subject to the acceptance by the host department.
2 Only Stage 4 students with CAP = or > 3.5 are allowed to read level 5000 modules.


Students taking the Offshore Oil & Gas specialization must take GROUP A modules and at least another THREE modules from GROUP B.

GROUP A (Compulsory Modules)
ME2135 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics (January)
ME4105 Specialisation Study Module (Offshore Oil and Gas Technology) (August)
ME3211 Mechanics of Solids (August)
ME4213 Vibration Theory and Application (January)
ME4245 Robot Kinematics, Dynamics and Control (August)
ME4261 Tool Engineering (January)
1ME5506 Corrosion of Materials (January)

1 Only Stage 4 students with CAP = or > 3.5 are allowed to read level 5000 modules.



Information for Students on a Mechanical Engineering Specialisation

There is an academic coordinator for each specialisation. Please consult the coordinator if you have questions about the specialisation.

Aeronautical Engineering A/Prof Teo Chiang Juay
Energy and Sustainability A/Prof Ernest Chua Kian Jon
Offshore Oil & Gas Technology A/Prof Loh Wai Lam



Other Information for Students in ME Specialisations

You are responsible for meeting the academic requirements of the specialisation applicable to your cohort. You may begin to read the modules for your specialisation from the 6th semester.

The modules are usually offered in the semester indicated. But please check at the start of the year in case there are changes.

All the ME technical elective modules (modules with MEXXXX code) are worth 4 MCs. Students should check the number of MCs for the non-ME specialisation modules through the host department.

You may withdraw from a specialisation before the start of the *8th Semester by writing in to the specialisation coordinator concerned.

*Refers to the 8th Semester of your cohort.