Current Students

Summer / Winter Programme

Most summer programmes are 4 to 5 weeks’ long and most universities allow and encourage students to read two summer modules. Winter programmes allow one winter module to be read. Students may map up to 10MCs for each Summer programme and up to 5MCs for each Winter programme; irrespective of the duration of the summer/winter programmes.

Below is the pre-approved and rejected module mapping listing for reference:


Special Terms Fees

Students going for Summer or Winter programmes are allowed to transfer credits up to two SWPs and a maximum of 12MCs during your candidature in NUS. After which, students will incur the relevant special term fees for any additional MCs transferred. You may want to refer to the examples below to help you understand better:

No of Summer Prog
(up to 2)
No of MCs
(up to 12 MCs)
Modules Approved by Dept/Faculty Special Term Fee Applicable
(with credit transfer)
2 11 MCs Yes No
2 18 MCs Yes Yes, pro-rated fees for 6 MCs
3 12 MCs Yes Yes, Pro-rated fees for modules transferred under the 3rd program

NOTE: Student is strictly NOT allowed to transfer back more than 10 MCs per Summer Exchange Program and 5 MCs per Winter Exchange Program.

For information on special term fees, please refer to FoE website.