Current Students

Summer / Winter Programme

With effect from AY2018/19, the maximum number of MCs that a student can transfer back for a programme during the December vacation period is 5MCs. As for MCs transferred from programmes taken in the Special Term (May – Aug), a student can transfer back a maximum of 5MCs for a programme that is shorter than 6 weeks. For students who enroll in programmes longer than 6 weeks, or in multiple programmes during the Special Term, the student is only allowed to transfer a maximum of 10MCs per academic year.


Special Terms Fees

Students going for Summer or Winter programmes are allowed to transfer credits up to two SWPs and a maximum of 12MCs during your candidature in NUS. After which, students will incur the relevant special term fees for any additional MCs transferred. You may want to refer to the examples below to help you understand better:

For information on special term fees, please refer to FoE website.

Below is the pre-approved and rejected module mapping listing for reference: