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Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Programme Overview

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the following Master of Science (M.Sc.) programmes:

The M.Sc. programme is essentially coursework-based and students may enroll for the programme on a part-time or full-time basis. Classes are conducted in the evenings.


At least a bachelor’s degree with honours or its equivalent. Candidates with other qualifications and achievements deemed to be suitably prepared for the programme of study may also be considered. Selection of students is on a competitive basis.

Period of Candidature

The maximum period of candidature for full-time and part-time study is two years and four years respectively. Full-time students typically are able to complete their requirements between one to one and a half years while the part-time students take two and half years.

Degree Requirements

The normal graduation requirements for the degree of M.Sc. include accumulating a total of no less than 40 Modular Credits (MCs) and obtaining a minimum Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of 3.0 (equivalent to the Grade of B-) for the best modules equivalent of 40 MCs (inclusive of foundation/core modules, where required). Each graduate module of 39 lecture hours is usually assigned 4 MCs.

For more information on application, fees and graduate scholarships, please refer to:

The Programme Manager is Assoc Prof Lu Wenfeng.

Contact Information:

Ms. Salmiah Bte Tukiran +65-6516-5122