Prospective Students

What is ME?

Mechanical engineering involves the design, manufacture or operation of any product or system that moves and uses or produces energy. Virtually every aspect of modern life is touched by mechanical engineering, from mobile phones and biomedical devices to aircrafts and power plants.

Mechanical engineering is perhaps the most diverse and versatile of the engineering disciplines. In addition to physics and mathematics, it encompasses key elements of chemical, civil, electrical, materials and even bioengineering.

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What Would I Study?


You build upon your knowledge of science and mathematics acquired in school to learn about solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, control, instrumentation, materials, product design and manufacturing processes. You have the chance to put theory into practice solving real-world engineering problems through multi-semester design projects with industry partners. Courses on communication, business and other social sciences complement the technical subjects to give you well-rounded perspectives, as well as the ability and flexibility to work in a variety of settings, all attributes employers look for.

What Are My Career Prospects?


The versatility of your training in mechanical engineering opens up a wide range of career possibilities, where you may design products, plan systems, or analyse and solve problems. Besides the traditional aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries, you may also pursue a career in important emerging sectors such as robotics, biomedical technology and energy systems. Furthermore, the valuable skills you develop in creative thinking, critical analysis and teamwork are highly sought-after in non-engineering fields such as consulting, management, banking, and finance.