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What Our Students Say


Mechanical Engineering Programme

“In ME, we learned skills that allowed me to keep up effectively and efficiently during my training at work. Furthermore, NUS cultivated my analytical thinking, and taught me how to thrive in a competitive environment.”

Su Ying Hui
Associate Technical Professional
-Mechanical Design Engineer, Halliburton,
and Mechanical Engineering alumnus

“Most people have the stereotype that Mechanical Engineering deals with greasy machinery at the workshop in overalls. Well, the word “mechanical” means studying the mechanics of systems, understanding how each individual process plays its part to form the big picture.”

Jared Tan

ME3 Design Project

“The Stage 3 Design Project truly simulates how real- world engineering problems are approached and solved. It provides a framework for me to apply my technical knowledge as well as soft skills to complete the project successfully.”

Wong Wai Yeap

“Participating in the local-overseas joint industrial design project broadened my perspective and stretched my ability. Tapping into the knowledge and capabilities of our overseas counterparts brought a multi-perspective engineering solution to our project. Social interactions within the group led to exchanges of ideas, culture, knowledge and the development of cross-cultural friendships that last, even till today. The whole journey was fruitful and satisfying, especially when your efforts had borne fruit.”

Koh You Cheng

Aeronautical Engineering Specialisation

“Being part of the Aeronautical Engineering Specialisation has really been a privilege, because we get to see principles being put into practice through site visits to companies, as well as experiments in state-of-the-art aeroscience labs. The opportunity to go beyond books and calculator keeps my passion for engineering aflame.”

Nugraha Sindarta

Energy and Sustainability Specialisation

“The best thing about the Energy & Sustainability Specialisation is that I am exploring issues that are of interest to me, which makes the whole learning process enjoyable and fulfilling. I am also assured that what I learn is applicable to my future career in the energy sector.”

Koay Yi Jing