Dynamics and Vibration


The Dynamics laboratory focuses on the measurement, analysis and computational modeling of dynamics and vibration. The laboratory is supported by a wide range of equipment, sensors and software for the study of structural and mechanical systems.These include multichannel FFT analyzers, scanning vibrometer and shakers, the largest one, capable of delivering up to 10 kN.


The Dynamics laboratory has the full range of equipment for the study of structural and machinery dynamics and vibration. Transducers of both contacting and non-contacting types are available for the measurement of acceleration, velocity, displacement and force. These include a wide range of accelerometers, eddy current probes and force transducers together with active and passive optical position sensors and a scanning vibrometer. There are also multichannel dynamic strain amplifiers for signal conditioning as well as multichannel analogue and digital instrumentation recorders for high definition, and high density recording and reproduction of signals. Both FFT and acoustic analyzers are available for the real-time analysis of signals. Several digital oscilloscopes with high speed sampling and large memory capacity are also available.

The Dynamics Laboratory also has a wide range of shaker systems. The largest system is capable of delivering up to 10 kN and is equipped with sine sweep and random vibration controllers. An advanced multichannel arbitrary waveform generator for providing phase-related signals in work on vibration control.

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