Energy and Bio-thermal Systems


The Energy and Bio-thermal Systems Group consists of the following:

  • Air-conditioning Lab
  • Energy Conversion Lab
  • Thermal Process Labs

Research Areas and Projects

The group’s research interests include thermodynamics as well as heat and mass transfer with focus on energy, drying processes, micro and bio-thermal systems and thermal management of electronic equipment. Current research areas encompasses explosive boiling and transport processess in steady and unsteady impinging and opposing jets.

Energy related research activities include modelling and performance of absorption and adsorption chillers, compact heat exchangers for waste heat recovery and dehumidification, co-generation systems, ice storage for cooling and air-conditioning and hot water heating.

Research in micro and bio-thermal systems consists of combustion in the micro-scale, micro-thermophotovoltaic power generators, solid propellant micro-thrustors and miniaturisation of electro-adsorption chillers. Projects on bone drilling and cryo-surgery and cryoprobe development have been initiated while projects in heat transfer analysis in electronic packaging, moisture migration and its effects on electronic packaging, electronic cooling using phase change materials, thermo-mechanical reliability analysis of integrated chip packages, and thermal analysis in the wafer level packaging have been proposed to address the concerns of thermal management in electronic packaging in the ever growing electronic industry.


In terms of infrastructure, the group possesses laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus and data acquisition systems to support projects undertaken by students and staff. They are Thermal Process Laboratory 1 & 2, Energy Conversion Laboratory and Air-conditioning Laboratory. In addition to these, research work is also carried out in the Department’s Microsystems Technology Lab.

Contact Us

Air-Conditioning Lab
+65 6516 2238

Energy Conversion Lab
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Thermal Process Labs
EA-05-50, EA-06-20
+65 6516 4659 / +65 6516 4658

Faculty of Engineering, NUS

Lab Staff
Hung-Ang Yan Leng (Mrs)
Nyan Nay Oo
Roslina Bte Abdullah (Mdm)
Sacadevan Raghavan