Fluid Mechanics


The Fluid Mechanics Group is one of the largest groups in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in NUS.

Research Areas and Projects

The group conducts courses and research in Aerodynamics, Bio-Fluid Dynamics, Experimental and Computational Fluid Mechanics. The research activities encompass a mix of basic, applied and developmental research. Basic research is carried out both in furtherance of the personal research interests of the staff and in support of ongoing applied and developmental research. To foster close links with the local industry, a significant part of the applied and developmental research has been carried out in collaboration with the industry and government bodies.


We are equipped with various research facilities; wind-tunnels, water-tunnels, lasers, hot-wire anemometers, laser doppler anemometers, particle imaging velocimetry systems and video imaging systems.

Contact Us

Fluid Mechanics Labs
EA-04-20, EA-03-11

Faculty of Engineering, NUS

+65 6516 2232

Lab Staff
Lee Cheng Fong
Looi Siew Wah
Ng Chun Phew
Rajendran s/o Ponnusamy
Professional Officer
Lim Wai Lone
Professional Officer