Additive Manufacturing: 3DP-enabled Medical Technologies

The department will be involved in project/s at the following centre:

NUS 3DP-Enabled Centre for Biomedical and Healthcare Technologies

The 3DP Centre @ NUS (established on the university-level) will work closely with clinicians, bringing the clinicians and additive manufacturing (AM) engineers and scientists together in a collaborative effort. Proof-of-concept and Proof-of-value projects not only develop new applications and solutions for the local Medtech industries, they also serve to bring awareness of this technology to our local clinicians as well as stimulate 3DP-enabled medical technology start-ups and spin-offs in future. The missions are to develop core technical competencies and key manpower in 3DP or AM using expert value-chain capabilities to advance the local biomedical/healthcare Industry and hospitals in Singapore. This unique multi-disciplinary 3DP technology centre spans over disciplines such as engineering, material science, industry design, medicine, and dentistry, providing an ideal platform for engineers, scientists, designers, clinicians, surgeons and dentists to work together.