Advanced Manufacturing

Singapore RIE2020 plan identified Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering as a priority area.  ME department is fronting the ‘NUS Future of Manufacturing Initiative’ for the Faculty of Engineering. Core themes of this initiative include:

  • ICT advances for manufacturing,
  • robotics and industrialization of manufacturing processes,
  • Additive manufacturing/3D Printing, ands
  • advances in materials and materials systems ICT.

The initiative has ~ 50 faculty members drawn primarily from ME department and other departments from FOE and Schools and Faculties of NUS.  The Department has established a strong partnership with SIMTech, A*Star.  Specific goals of this effort are:

  • to establish local competence in future manufacturing skills, and
  • to innovate manufacturing suitable for coordination and running of regional manufacturing and mass customization of products.

The AM focus at ME are centred around the process and material developments for future/digital manufacturing with design-centric innovations incl. design for AM, light weight structure for AM, process optimisation and simulation for AM, functional printing for industry applications, biomedical translational research, etc.

Highlights of research grants

Research Grant 3D Printing of Nitinol Stent for Medical Applications – funded by NRF (NAMIC), project duration is from May 2018 to May 2020.
Funding amount: approx. SG$249,600
Principle Investigator (PI): Professor Jerry Fuh, Co-PI: Associate Professor Lu Wenfeng
Research Grant 3D Printing of Low Elastic Modulus Titanium Parts with Interconnected Pore Structures Targeting Implant Applications – funded by NRF (NAMIC),project duration from Jan 2018 to Jan 2020.
Funding amount: approx. SG$240,000
PI: Associate Professor Senthil Kumar A
Research Grant Fabrication of 3D Conductive Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering – funded by Ministry of Education (MOE), project duration is from March 2017 and Feb 2020.
Funding amount: approx. SG$160,000
PI is Associate Professor Lu Wenfeng and Co-PI is Professor Jerry Fuh.
Research Grant Feasibility Study and Characterization of 3D Printable Ceramic Materials-CM301: Process & Materials – funded by Morgan Ceramics Asia Pte Ltd, project duration is from March 2015 to Feb 2017.
Funding amount: approx. SG$258,000
PI is Professor Jerry Fuh and Co-PI is Professor Ding Jun


Design and optimization of lightweight cellular structures with additive manufacturing

Evolutionary design of cellular structures with optimized Poisson’s ratio distribution