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Energy Efficient Thermal Systems

Building Energy Efficiency

By: A/Prof. Ernest Chua and group.

Our research spans a range of topics in biothermal and building energy efficiency. Both modeling and experiments are used to study a variety of fundamental heat and mass transfer processes for improved fundamental understanding and technology design.

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Greener and Sustainable Transportation

By: Asst. Prof Yang Wenming and team.

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Low Energy Cooling Technologies

A/Prof PS Lee and his team from the Micro Thermal Systems (MTS) Group ( are developing various low energy cooling technologies including enhanced microchannel liquid and two-phase flow and heat transfer, enhanced air side heat transfer and high performance heat exchange. The MTS Group is actively collaborating with various local and overseas industry partners to apply and adapt these technologies in energy efficient air conditioning systems, effective thermal management of electric vehicle battery pack and waste heat recovery and reuse etc.

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