Dr ANG Marcelo H. Jr
Associate Professor

Mailing address:
9 Engineering Dr 1
Singapore 117576

Office Location:
E3A-04-09 (7 Engineering Dr 1, Singapore 117574)
Contact: +65-6516-2555

Homepage: http://guppy.mpe.nus.edu.sg/~mpeangh
His work experience include heading the Tech. Training Div of Intel Phils, research positions at the East West Center in Hawaii and at the Mass Inst of Tech, and Asst Prof of EE at the Univ of Roch, NY. Marcelo joined NUS in 1989. His research span robotics, automation, computer control, and artificial intelligence and he is actively involved in the Singapore Robotic Games as its founding chairman.

Ph. D. EE, MSc EE Univ of Rochester; MSc ME, University of Hawaii; BSc ME and Indl Mgt Eng, De La Salle Univ

Research Interests
Robotics, Mechatronics, Intelligent Systems
Link: http://guppy.mpe.nus.edu.sg/~mpeangh/research.htm

Selected Publications
R.O. Atienza, and M.H. Ang Jr., "A Flexible Control Architecture for Mobile Robots: An Application for a Walking Robot," Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, 30: 29-48, 2001.

D. Oetomo, M H Ang Jr., and S Y Lim, "Singularity Handling on Puma in Operational Space Formulation," Experimental Robotics VII, LNCIS (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences) 271, March 2001.