Dr LIM Kian Meng
Associate Professor

National University of Singapore
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Contact: +65 65168860

Homepage: http://blog.nus.edu.sg/limkm

PhD MSc (Stanford), MEng BEng (NUS)

Modules Taught
ME3112 Mechanics of Machines
EG1111 and EG1112 Engineering Principles and Practice

Research Interests
Computational Mechanics (FEM, BEM)
FFT and Fast Multipole Methods
Vibration, Acoustics, and Hearing Research
Microfluidics (Ultrasound, DEP)
Link: http://www.researcherid.com/rid/B-2556-2010/

Selected Publications
Wijaya F.B. and Lim K.M. (2015) "Numerical Calculation of Acoustic Radiation Force and Torque Acting on non-spherical Rigid Particles" Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 101, pp. 531-542.

Gupta A., Lim K.M. and Chew C.H. (2015) "Design of radial sonic crystal for sound attenuation from divergent sound source" Wave Motion, 55, pp. 1-9.

Hartono D., Liu Y., Tan P.L., Then X.Y.S., Yung L.Y.L and Lim K.M. (2011) "On-Chip Measurements of Cell Compressibility via Acoustic Radiation" Lab on a Chip, 11, pp 4072-4080.

Cui H.H., Voldman J., He X.F. and Lim K.M. (2009) "Separation of particles by pulsed dielectrophoresis" Lab on a Chip, 9, pp 2306-2312.

He X., Lim K.M. and Lim S.P. (2008) "Fast BEM solvers for Poisson-type equations" Computer Methods in Engineering and Sciences, 35, pp 21-48.

Rosales C. and Lim K.M. (2005) "Numerical comparison between Maxwell stress method and equivalent multipole approach for calculation of the dielectrophoretic force in single-cell traps" Electrophoresis, 26, pp 2057-2065.

Ong ET, Lim KM, Lee KH and Lee HP. A fast algorithm for three-dimansional potential fields calculation: Fast Fourier Transform on Multipole (FFTM). J Comp Phys, 192, pp 244-261, 2003.

Lim KM and Steele CR. A three-dimensional nonlinear active cochlear model analyzed by the WKB-numeric method. Hearing Res, 170, pp. 190-205, 2002.