Dr FUH Jerry Ying Hsi

National University of Singapore
Department of Mechanical Engineering
9 Engineering Drive 1, Singapore 117576
Contact: +65-6516-6690

Homepage: http://me.nus.edu.sg/about-us/people/academic-staff/manufacturing/
Dr. J Fuh is a Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering, NUS and the Co-Director of NUS Centre for Additive Manufacturing (AM.NUS, http://am.nus.edu.sg). He has devoted himself to the research of additive manufacturing or 3D printing processes and materials since 1995. In 2016, he and his colleagues established a 3DP-enable biomedical hub within the NUS premise across 5 different faculties, i.e., engineering, science, deign, dental and medicine, to be one of its few kinds to promote transnational works on biomedical and health-care research under the NAMIC, EDB and University Funding of more than SGD$18M.

Ph.D. (Mech Eng, UCLA), M.S., (Mfg Eng, UCLA), B.S. (NCTU, Taiwan), P.E. (CA, USA), FASME, FSME

Modules Taught
ME3103, ME3101, ME3102

Research Interests
Additive Manufacturing, 3D Bioprinting, Metal/ceramic 3D printing, AM for biomedical applications

Selected Publications
Recent publications:
1. D Ye, GS Hong, Y Zhang, K Zhu, JYH Fuh, “Defect detection in selective laser melting technology by acoustic signals with deep belief networks”, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 1-11, 2018
2. S Chang, L Li, L Lu, JYH Fuh, “Selective Laser Sintering of Porous Silica Enabled by Carbon Additive”, Materials 10 (11), 1313, 2017 (invited)
3. Y Wu, J Fuh, YS Wong, J Sun, “A hybrid electrospinning and electrospraying 3D printing for tissue engineered scaffolds”, Rapid Prototyping Journal 23 (6), 1011-1019, 2017
4. Y Wu, B Wu, S Vijayavenkataraman, Y San Wong, JYH Fuh, “Crimped fiber with controllable patterns fabricated via electrohydrodynamic jet printing”, Materials & Design 131, 384-393, 1, 2017
5. S Vijayavenkataraman, Z Shuo, JYH Fuh, WF Lu, “Design of three-dimensional scaffolds with tunable matrix stiffness for directing stem cell lineage specification: An in silico study”,Bioengineering 4 (3), 66 1, 2017
6. S Vijayavenkataraman, JYH Fuh, WF Lu, “3D printing and 3D bioprinting in pediatrics, Bioengineering” 4 (3), 63, 2017 (invited)

1. Lu C,J Y H Fuh*,Y S Wong,Collaborative Product Assembly Design and Assembly Planning: Methodologies and Applications,Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing Ltd,2013
2. Fuh, J Y H, Y F Zhang, A Y C Nee and M W Fu, Computer-aided injection mould design and manufacture. New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc., June 2004, pp.380 (ISBN: 0-8247-5118-3)
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