Dr Shailendra P. JOSHI
Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore
Block E1, #07-15
Singapore -117576

Contact: +65-6516-4496

Homepage: http://www.joshigroup.net
Current research interests:
- Mechanics of deformation instabilities in nanocrystalline and amorphous materials.
- Modeling rate-dependent failure processes in nanostructured materials and composites.
- Design of hierarchical composites.

PhD (IIT Bombay), India, ME (University of Pune), India, BE (University of Pune), India

Modules Taught
ESP2106 Principles of Continua
ESP4206 Continuum Mechanics
ME5103 Plates and Shells
ME6101 Research Topics in Applied Mechanics
ME6107 Plasticity and Inelastic Deformations

Research Interests
Mechanics of Materials; Material instabilities and Failure processes; Advanced Structural Materials
Link: http://www.joshigroup.net/

Selected Publications
1. Joshi, K, Joshi, SP (2017) Interacting effects of strengthening and twin boundary migration in nanotwinned materials. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 101, 180-196.

2. Selvarajou, B, Joshi, SP and Benzerga, AA (2017) Three-dimensional simulations of texture and triaxiality effects on the plasticity of magnesium alloys. Acta Materialia, 127, 54-72.

3. Selvarajou, B, Kondori, B, Benzerga, AA, and Joshi, SP (2016) On plastic ow in notched hexagonal close packed single crystals. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 94, 273-297.

4. Rawat, S and Joshi, SP# (2016) Effect of multiaxial loading on evolution of {10-12} twinning in magnesium single crystals. Materials Science and Engineering-A, 659, 256-269.

5. Zhang, J, Wei, Q and Joshi, SP# (2016) Effects of reinforcement morphology on the mechanical behavior of magnesium metal matrix composites based on crystal plasticity modeling. Mechanics of Materials, 95, 1-14.

6. Adibi, S, Branicio, P# and Joshi, SP# (2015) Suppression of shear banding and transition to necking and homogeneous flow in nanoglass nanopillars. Scientific Reports, 5, 15611 (1-9).

7. Adibi, S, Branicio, P , Liontas, R, Chen, D, Greer, JR, Srolovitz, DJ and Joshi, SP (2015) Surface roughness imparts tensile ductility to nanoscale metallic glasses. Extreme Mechanics Letters, 5, 88-95.

8. Selvarajou, B, Shin, JH, Ha, TK, Choi, IS , Joshi, SP# and Han, HN (2014) Orientation-dependent indentation response of magnesium single crystals: modeling and experiments. Acta Materialia, 81, 358-376.

9. Aghababaei, R and Joshi, SP (2014) Micromechanics of homogeneous and heterogeneous tensile twinning in magnesium gleaned from molecular dynamics investigations. Acta Materialia, 69(5), 326-342.

10. Zhang, J, Ramesh, KT and Joshi, SP# (2014) Stochastic size-dependent slip versus twinning in hexagonal close packed single crystals. Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 22 075003 (1-24)