Dr Shailendra P. JOSHI
Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore
Block E1, #07-15
Singapore -117576

Contact: +65-6516-4496

Homepage: http://www.joshigroup.net
Current research interests:
- Mechanics of deformation instabilities in nanocrystalline and amorphous materials.
- Modeling rate-dependent failure processes in nanostructured materials and composites.
- Design of hierarchical composites.

PhD (IIT Bombay), India, ME (University of Pune), India, BE (University of Pune), India

Research Interests
Computational-Experimental Materials Mechanics; Rate-dependent material instabilities and failure processes; Nano/non-crystalline materials; Hierarchical composites
Link: http://www.joshigroup.net/

Selected Publications
1. B Cao, SP Joshi, KT Ramesh. (2009) Strengthening mechanisms in cryomilled UFG Al 5083 at quasistatic and dynamic rates of loading. Accepted in Scripta Materialia.

2. SP Joshi, C Eberl, B Cao, KT Ramesh, KJ Hemker. (2009) On the occurrence of Portevin-Le Châtelier instabilities in ultrafine-grained Al5083. Accepted in Experimental Mechanics.

3. H Zhang, J Ye, SP Joshi, JM Schoenung, ESC Chin, KT Ramesh. (2008) Rate-dependent behavior of hierarchical Al matrix composites. Scripta Materialia, 59(10), 1139-1142.

4. SP Joshi, KT Ramesh. (2008) Stability map for nanocrystalline and amorphous materials. Physical Review Letters, 101, 025501. Also selected for the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, July 21, 2008.

5. SP Joshi, KT Ramesh. (2008) Grain size dependent shear instabilities in body-centered and face-centered cubic materials. Materials Science and Engineering-A, 493, 65-70.

6. SP Joshi, KT Ramesh. (2008) Rotational diffusion and grain size dependent shear instability in nanostructured materials. Acta Materialia, 56(2), 282-291.

7. SP Joshi, KT Ramesh. (2007) An enriched continuum model for the design of a hierarchical composite. Scripta Materialia, 57, 877-880.