Dr CHUA Kian Jon, Ernest
Associate Professor

National University of Singapore
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Contact: +65-6516-2558


Research Interests
Renewable/Clean Energy Technologies - Hybridization of RE Technologies; Solar-Thermal Energy Systems; Membrane Dehumidification; Dew-point Evaporative Cooling; Heat Recovery Systems; Building Energy Management and Total Performance; Tri-generation Systems; Quad-generation Systems; Poly-generation Systems.

Bio-Thermal Processes - Cryosurgery; Cryopreservation; Cryogenic Spray Cooling; Radio-Frequency Ablation; Laser Eye Surgery

Selected Publications
Selected Publications
1. K. J. Chua, and S. K. Chou, 2003, On the Study of the drying behaviour of a heat-sensitive biomaterial undergoing stepwise-varying temperature schemes, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 42, pp. 4939-4952.

2. K.J. Chua, S.K. Chou and J.C. Ho, 2005, An analytical study on the thermal effects of cryosurgery on selective cell destruction, Journal of Biomechanics, 40(1), 100-116.

3. K.J. Chua, J.C. Ho, S.K. Chou and M.R. Islam, 2005, On the study of the temperature distribution within a human eye subjected to a laser source, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 32, 1057-1065.

4. K.J. Chua and S.K. Chou, 2005, A modular approach to study the performance of a two-stage heat pump system, Applied Thermal Energy, 25, 1363-1379.

5. S.K. Chou, K.J. Chua, S.H. Teoh, K.K. Lim and W.Q. Sun., 2007, Development of pressure swing adsorption dehydration system for preservation of dermal tissues, Materials Science and Engineering: C, 27(2), 313-324.

6. K.J. Chua, J.C. Ho and S.K. Chou, 2007, A comparative study of different control strategies for indoor air humidity, Energy and Buildings, 39(5), 537-545.