Dr ZHU Jian
Assistant Professor

Rm E1-05-30
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
National University of Singapore
9 Engineering Drive 1
Singapore 117576
Contact: +65-6516-5539

Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering 2007 ( University of Alberta, Canada)

Research Interests
Soft active materials;
Micro soft devices;
Soft mobile robots

Selected Publications
Zhu, J., Kollosche, M., Lu, T., Kofod, G., and Suo, Z., Two types of transition to wrinkles in dielectric elastomers. Soft Matter, in press.

Huang, J., Lu, T., Zhu, J., Clarke, D.R., Suo, Z., Large, unidirectional actuation in dielectric elastomers achieved by fiber stiffening. Applied Physics Letters 100, 211901, 2012.

Kollosche, M., Zhu, J., Suo, Z., and Kofod G., Complex interplay of nonlinear processes in dielectric elastomers, Physical Review E 85, 051801, 2012.

Huang, J., Li, T., Foo., C.C., Zhu, J., Clarke, D.R., Suo, Z., Giant, voltage-actuated deformation of a dielectric elastomer under dead load, Applied Physics Letters 100, 041911, 2012.

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