Dr DAVID Estruch-Samper
Assistant Professor

National University of Singapore
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Office: E1-08-12
Contact: +65-6516-4623

2013 – Present
Asst Prof, Mech Eng (National University of Singapore)

2010 – 2013
Post-Doc, Aeronautics (Imperial College London)

2006 – 2010
PhD, Aerospace Engineering (Cranfield University)

Modules Taught
ME3232 Compressible Flow
ME4231 Aerodynamics and Propulsion
ME5303 Industrial Aerodynamics
ME2134E Fluid Mechanics
ME3101/02 Mechanical Systems Design I & II

Research Interests
Experimental high-speed aerodynamics

Selected Publications
Estruch-Samper (2016) Reattachment heating upstream of short compression ramps in hypersonic flow. Experiments in Fluids, Vol. 57:92.

Estruch-Samper, Vanstone, Hillier & Ganapathisubramani (2015) Toluene-based planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging of temperature in hypersonic flows. Experiments in Fluids, Vol. 56:115.

Estruch-Samper, Vanstone, Hillier & Ganapathisubramani (2015) Micro vortex generator control of axisymmetric high-speed laminar boundary layer separation. J. Shock Waves, Vol. 25(5).

Fiala, Hillier & Estruch-Samper (2014) Roughness-induced turbulent wedges in a hypersonic blunt-body boundary layer. J. Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 754(9).

Estruch-Samper, Lawson & Garry (2009) Application of optical measurement techniques to supersonic and hypersonic aerospace flows. Journal of Aerospace Engineering, Vol 22(4).

Estruch-Samper, Lawson, MacManus, Garry & Stollery (2008) Measurement of shock wave unsteadiness using a high-speed schlieren system and digital image processing. Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol 79(12).