Dr ZHANG Mengqi
Assistant Professor

National University of Singapore
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Contact: +65-6601-7069

We are seeking highly motivated M.S. and Ph.D. students and postdocs. Recent research projects include (1) flow stability theory; (2) numerical simulations of convectional flows. Please write if interested.

2013-2016 Ph.D., Universite de Poitiers
2010-2012 M.S., Royal Institute of Technology
2006-2010 B.E., Southwest Jiaotong University

Research Interests
1) Hydrodynamic stability
2) Numerical simulation of transitional and turbulent flows
3) Non-Newtonian fluids
4) Aeroacoustics
5) Convectional flow
6) Wind energy

Selected Publications
G. Tissot, M. Zhang, F. C. Lajús Jr., A. V. G. Cavalieri, P. Jordan, JFM, 811, 95-137, 2017
M. Zhang, JFM, 792, 328–363, 2016
J. Wu, P. Traoré, M. Zhang, A. T. Pérez, P. A. Vázquez. IJHMT, 92, 139-148, 2016
J. Wu, P. Traoré, A. T. Pérez, M. Zhang. Physica D, 311-312, 45-57, 2015
M. Zhang, F. Martinelli, J. Wu, P. J. Schmid, M. Quadrio. JFM, 770, 319-349, 2015
M. Zhang, I. Lashgari, T. Zaki and L. Brandt, JFM, 737, 249-279, 2013.